The Homebuilder Wayfinding Program provides kiosk signs that direct prospective homebuyers to the location of residential subdivisions and housing developments within the city. It operates in lieu of the hazardous and unsightly temporary weekend “bandit signs” that get placed illegally on city right of ways.

Homebuilders can have their company logo and community name along with website and arrows directing motorists to new residential communities.

The Local Business Program provides the host city’s local business community with much needed directional and advertising exposure to motorists in their city.   By participating in the program any local business can have their business name and logo along with contact information and directional instructions telling motorists and shoppers about their business and where they’re located.


BCV installs the Kiosk Sign Programs at no charge to the host city. Not only will the city will never incur any cost to have the program in their city, the host city participates in part of the revenue generated by the leasing of the kiosk sign panels.

As an additional benefit to the host city, a percentage of the individual kiosk panels are permanently allocated to the city for their use at no charge. City’s can utilize the space to promote and direct people to schools, parks, city buildings or any venue specified by the host city. Community events such as festivals, programs, or fairs can also be showcased on the kiosks as part of the city’s allocation of kiosk panels. Color schemes and format is directed by the city and there is no charge for any of the production and design.

With the Local Business Program cities can now actively participate in providing a venue to help support their local business community in a clean, neat, orderly manner.

The host city benefits by the reduced clutter of weekend “bandit” signs that are commonly used to direct people to developments and residential subdivisions is minimized or eliminated when cities choose the Kiosk System. The cluttered, haphazard, visual blight is replaced by neat, attractive kiosks that convey a great image for both the city and the client. The kiosk signs typically are located in areas where there is a high concentration of weekend bandit signs. Instead of the temporary signs placed randomly along right of ways in a hazardous manner, cities enjoy an environment free of the visual clutter. With the kiosk system, city’s now have a viable alternative to offer builders and advertisers rather than the visual clutter of traditional bandit signs.