A kiosk sign is a freestanding structure located in City rights-of-way that features your city’s logo identification panel at the top of each structure. In the body of the sign, it displays directional information to new homes, developments, municipal buildings, events, and facilities.


The purpose of kiosk signs is to provide direction and exposure for businesses and to direct prospective citizens to the location of subdivisions, housing developments, homebuilders, public facilities and community events within the city while discouraging the placement of unsightly and hazardous off-site directional signs.


All kiosks begin at the design level based on interactive feedback and input from city staff and leaders.

Once a general theme is narrowed down, BCV will provide a prototype of the structure to the host city for them to get a full size feel for what the kiosk will look like. All structures are built to engineered specifications with regards to wind loading and federal and state department of transportation guidelines for safety. No deviations are made from the agreed upon design or specifications.